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Voice Solutions


Larger the organisation, bigger its spends on telephony...
Now, multiply this predicament with International rates and one gets to see a big drain on profits...
But, AIIPL is all set to reverse this spend.

Presenting AIIPL's VoIP Solutions. Solutions that take advantage of the most significant technologies over the internet. This Voice over IP (VoIP) service is a cost effective integrated voice/data solution, allowing large organizations to carry voice applications over their existing data networks.

Clarity and cost effectiveness come together in AIIPL's VoIP Solutions. VoIP calls are known to be much cheaper than equivalent services offered by traditional phone companies. Cheap International Rates: A single broadband network is used to carry both voice and data. This substantial cost saving occurs because the technology allows the network to carry several calls in the same amount of space that normally carries a single call in a traditional phone network. Also, the data is compressed allowing more space and thus, lower rates

Calls of Convenience:

Our Services are easy to operate. You can either use your PC/Laptop hooked to a set of speakers/headphone and Mic by simply downloading our softphone. Or you could use our broadband phone.

PC-to-Phone – If the user has a PC/Laptop enabled with a Speaker and a Mic, he/she can simply download our soft-phone and make calls from it.

Phone-to-Phone using an ATA – We also offer a device called Analog Telephone Adaptor (ATA) which needs to be plugged into an Office LAN point and a normal phone to enable Internatianal VoIP calling.

Phone-to-Phone using SIP Trunking – VoIP calls get enabled directly on your EPABX by terminating a direct SIP trunk on it. Thus enabling all/selected users to make international calls at local call rates.

Mobile-to-Phone – With the advent of 3G in India, we can now enable you to make VoIP calls directly from your mobile. Simply install a software on your 3G enabled smartphone and you can instantly start making international calls at 70% lower rates. The service also works on Wi-Fi connections..