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Abhinabinternet Wireless Broadband


Wireless Internet

High-Speed Internet
We deliver speeds of up to 4mbps. This higher bandwidth will increase the efficiency rate while enabling you to enjoy the multimedia rich online content, as you will not have to endure congested networks

No Cabling Required
We utilise a state-of-the-art digital wireless network to deliver superior broadband service thus, it doesn't require any cabling works

No Phone Lines
As it is delivered via a digital wireless network and it is always on, instant connection service that doesn't require the dial-up technology, therefore phone lines are not required, saving on monthly phone rentals and call charges

Unlimited Usage
The service is designed to best suit the consumer's needs. With plans, you can now surf the net minus the worries of keeping track of the usage minutes. You can now surf 24 x 7 at one flat monthly fee

Customer Service and Support Centre
A state-of-the-art Customer Service Centre can be accessed to answer your enquiries regarding the service. This centre is capable of providing you first and second level troubleshooting capabilities to ensure maximum customer satisfaction